4S Ranch Men's Soccer League



About Us
  • Established in 2005
  • 11 v 11 men's only league
  • Effective Spring 2022, matches will be 40-minute halves
  • All games are officiated by SD County certified referees (1 ref + 2 linesmen)
  • Player skill levels range from college and semi-pro to recreational, and less than 5 years of experience to 20+ years
  • We are not an equal pay-for-play league. Managers will determine game time depending on team need(s)
  • We play with 2 subs, so each player will get a decent amount of playtime
When and where do we play?

Sunday mornings at the 4S Ranch Sports Park. Large field at end of parking lot - end of sidewalk (map below)

What are the requirements?

Currently, we are a men's only league and you must be AT LEAST 30 years old (Keepers 25) as of January 1st of the season.

Golden Rule

We have a list of rules all players must abide but our Golden Rule is Don't Be A Dick. Self-explanatory and put to memory, it will save your ass from being carded, suspended, and/or banished. 

League Rules

Yes, they're important.  Read them!


Best adult soccer league I've ever played.


Pretty competitive but lots of fun.

Great bunch of guys, except for a couple of them. I want to kick those guys in the huevos.

Talent and goofballs. My kinda league.

4S Ranch Youth Soccer Association

4S Ranch Youth Soccer Association

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