Summer (Indoor) Rules

  1. If you can't make a game, notify the League Admin no later than Wednesdays @ 5 PM.  He will look for your sub. 
  2. GOLDEN RULE:  Don't Be A Dick - applies especially if your team is killing or getting killed
  3. Respect the grounds/facility.  Watch your language and pick up/throw away your trash
  4. BE EARLY.  Games will start on time and will be considered a forfeit if there are less than 5 players at kickoff
  5. Refs will be responsible for the control of the games and decisions
  6. Each team consists of 11 players (keeper + 5 field + 5 subs)
  7. Games will be divided up into two 25-minute periods.  3-minute halftime
  8. KICKOFF:  Home (White) team decides kickoff or side
    • Each team must stay in its own half of the field and the defending players must be at least 6 yards from the ball at kick-off
    • After a goal, the team scored upon will kick-off
    • Teams change ends @ half and kickoff taken by the opposite team
  9. In the event of a tie after the game is complete, the game will be declared a tie
  10. NO METAL CLEATS.  Turf cleats recommended, but standard running shoes are okay.  Shin pads are not obligatory but recommended
  11. There are no offsides, but there is 3-line
  12. 3 LINE:  You cannot kick/throw the ball in the air, over three lines.  If so, the opposing team gets a free kick from the line closest to the opposing goal
  13. Boards can and should be used when appropriate
  14. Kick-ins allowed from the ground only - NO throw-ins
  15. Slide tackling is NOT allowed.  1st offense is a Yellow card.  2nd offense will result in a Red card.  Referee holds discretion
  16. CARDS:
    • Yellow:  Player goes off to the penalty box and the opposing team gets a 2-minute power play.  If the same player receives 2nd yellow, then power play is 4 minutes
      • Two (2) yellows equal a Red and player will miss the following game - does not have to leave premises*
    • Red:  Player may have to leave premises* and the opposing team gets a 5-minute power play.  Player will also miss the following game
      • Two (2) Reds = league suspension for the remainder of the season (no refund)
      • Fighting is considered automatic league suspension*

* Leaving field/premises does not apply to teams fielding only 5 players.  Dependent on foul(s) and ref discretion.  If a team fielding 5 has a fighting player, the game will end and win given to the opponent